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Living In The Past

At some point in time we have all used the phrase “the good old days”. It’s a great feeling when you reminisce and remember all the good times. A time in life when you were pure, innocent, stress free, and didn’t have a worry in the world. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. For most people they go on to create new memories and live for tomorrow. Then there are others who live for yesterday attempting to bring the past back to life. Those days are gone and the reality of it is they will never come back. The people who were a part of those memories may have started a family and are creating new chapter in their life. There are others who may have passed away. The point is that even if you can somehow recreate the past it will never be the same because those who contributed to making it what it was are no longer around. It is normal to want to go back in time but to an extent. In 20 years we will look back at today and today will be considered “the old days”. Why not make new memories so you’ll have a new batch of good times to reminisce about 20 or 30 years later. I personally struggled with moving forward in life. The music I listened to, the movies I watched and even some of the fashion was all from an era long ago. I didn’t give today a chance. I tried so hard to keep yesterday alive. I finally accepted the fact that it was a closed chapter. I understood it was OK to go back from time to time but I couldn’t stay there. Create as many memories as you can and enjoy the time you have left on this earth. Life is short!


Published by Ray Ray

I have been through a lot in life and have learned from it all. I was always a listening ear and someone people came to for advice. I enjoy sharing what I have learned because it may be beneficial to someone going through the same thing. I have a degree in psychology and am very outgoing. I can be serious but I have a great sense of humor.

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