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How important is communication in a relationship? It is probably the most important thing in a relationship. How many times have you and your partner had an argument over a misunderstanding? Or because of something as petty as leaving a toilet seat up? We all have our bad days where the smallest things cause us to blow up. Things that we normally brush off now becomes the spark that lit the fire. Communicating with your significant other is beneficial on so many levels. You learn the things that make them happy, sad, mad, and even the things that put them in the mood. Understanding these things will help with keeping a relationship healthy. There are times where they do something that annoys you but to avoid an argument you let it slide. Now they do it again at a time where you’re not in the best of moods and you snap. Now they are confused because they just did this same thing a day ago and it was all good. This time around you nearly ripped their head off. It’s not their fault because you never expressed how you felt about that and they just assumed you were OK with it. There may be times in bed where they do something that turns you off but you don’t want to hurt their feelings or kill the mood so you go with it. Now they are doing this every time and it’s taking away from your pleasure. There’s a time and place for everything. The way you deliver the message is important as well. You don’t want to make them feel attacked but you want to get the message across. Laying in bed at night and just talking as friends in the dark is one good way. You can’t see each others expressions and reactions which makes it easier to let loose. We have all changed our words and or approach around because of the the other person’s facial expression. Tightening all these loose screws along the way will assure you a strong and solid structure at the end. 

Published by Ray Ray

I have been through a lot in life and have learned from it all. I was always a listening ear and someone people came to for advice. I enjoy sharing what I have learned because it may be beneficial to someone going through the same thing. I have a degree in psychology and am very outgoing. I can be serious but I have a great sense of humor.

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